I had an excellent experience working with Palmateer Wine Group. Gordon and Chris were professional and efficient. Their experience and market knowledge were particularly helpful with identifying less obvious, yet worthwhile importers in the US, and their industry relationships enabled us to get a foot in the door. I was pleased with the results and recommend Palmateer Wine Group.

-Michael Kirstein, USA Market Manager – Villa Maria

Due to the strong commitment and expertise of Palmateer Wine Group’s sales team, we have increased awareness of the Villa Trasqua brand among key distributors, and we are experiencing sales growth in the states we have targeted. The team’s in-depth knowledge about markets and their strong relationships with distributors is key to our success. Our sales growth proves that Palmateer Wine Group’s go-to-market strategy and pricing is correct and has positioned Villa Trasqua to fulfill its dream of national distribution. We highly recommend Palmateer Wine Group.

-Alan Hulsbergen, President – Villa Trasqua

It was a pleasure to work with Palmateer Wine Group. It was our experience that the company was exceptionally professional, reliable, and easy to work with. Their work was thorough, and they helped us on several of our distribution challenges, providing us with invaluable feedback. One aspect of their approach that I particularly appreciated was that they took the time to get to know our company, our people, and the traditions of our approach to distribution sales so that all their recommendations were in line with our values and history. Thus, their recommendations both made theoretical sense and were actionable by us. I also appreciated that during our engagement, Palmateer Consulting was very responsive when we needed information or advice and very timely in getting back to us. Overall, by the end of our engagement, I felt that our company was better positioned for sustainable growth.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Palmateer Wine Group to established companies that are looking for new or more efficient and cost effective practices to impact today’s market.

-David Adelsheim, Founder – Adelsheim Vineyard

Palmateer Wine Group is very committed and invested in our brand. Its sales team is very responsive, super professional and committed to building our brand. It is great to have them on the ground to deal with the varying requirements state by state.

I really appreciate Gordon Palmateer’s honest and realistic approach to the US market. It is easy to be excited by the scale and numbers, but you need to be realistic about what you can achieve and how long it will take. I trust their direction on whether or not we should go for something.

Palmateer Wine Group developed a good strategy for us from the start. Over the past three years, it has evolved, as it should, to accommodate market and portfolio changes, so we are seeing results. I recommend Palmateer Wine Group.

-Fleur Nicol, Marketing and Sales Manager – Matahiwi Estate

Working with Palmateer Wine Group is a very efficient, thoughtful and productive use of resources to gain an advantage in aspects of the adult beverage industry. Gordon and his team have a nice balance of listening to the needs of the client and then generating deliverables that coincide with the needs. It is important to note that Gordon and his team take the time to get to know the business of their client to a depth that allows for the advice or management of a specific project to be tailored to meet or exceed the needs of the assignment.

-Mark Giordano, President – Pacific Highways Wines & Spirits

Our experience with Palmateer Wine Group was professional from the start. Gordon and team are very dedicated and thoughtful in their approach. Everything we had discussed leading up to starting work with Palmateer was detailed and followed through on. Gordon is very easy to get on with and has a great breadth of knowledge when it comes to the US distributor network. Gordon has a way of asking the right questions at the right times and has a great ability to listen; he processes what he hears and was able to develop options on what to do next. He provided detailed follow-up notes, always had ideas on what to look at next and was open to change. Palmateer Wine Group met all of our expectations, developed a tight brief very early on and Gordon delivered on this 100%.

I would absolutely recommend Palmateer Wine Group, as it’s a very professional business with great connections within the US wine industry. We were engaged with Palmateer Wine Group through differing ways for approximately 2 years. They are highly recommended.

-Kyle Skene, General Manager – Giesen Wine Estate

Palmateer Consulting provided a valuable service to help us accomplish strategic goals and take our business to the next level during a critical time. Their dedication to our project and thorough understanding of our needs was invaluable. They provided a team with the right expertise at the right time to help us succeed. Their foresight, organization and communication made our working relationships one of the best I’ve ever had. I highly recommend Palmateer Wine Group to anyone in the wine industry.

-Mel Dick, Wine Division, Senior Vice President – Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Miami Florida

Gordon understands the big picture and value of long-term relationships. He strives to find solutions that work for everyone involved. He is a good communicator, and he does a great job of presenting and representing the image of his client.

-Phillip Markert, Vice President/General Manager – Safeway, California

Gordon’s expert knowledge of the industry and his commitment to us as his clients have been invaluable in accessing the US market.

-Hennie Bosman, Owner – True & Daring Winery

Some of Gordon’s best strengths have been his ability to follow up on a timely manner and his outstanding customer service skills. My co-workers and I have always found Gordon to be very professional and a lot of fun to be around.

-Paul Wagner, Founder – Balzac Marketing and Communications

Gordon is very organized and thorough. It has always been a pleasure to work with him. He is very fair, easy to address problems and discuss opportunities with and is a fine wine executive.

-Mariana Nedic, Director of US Operations – Simply Italian Great Wines Americas

We have worked with Palmateer Wine Group on many different projects over the past five years. They have always been very professional and prepared. Gordon focuses on the key factors in each project, and does an excellent job of keeping everyone on track. The results have always exceeded what we promised our clients in the initial proposal, and I think that [over-delivering] is something that Gordon takes very seriously.

-James Gunter, Former Vice President – Fine Wines-Glazer’s Family of Companies, Dallas, Texas

Gordon is a very well-respected, experienced industry professional with tremendous talent. He has extremely good people skills, is detailed with follow-up, knows what it takes to build a brand successfully, demonstrates solid leadership qualities, knows how to motivate, and is a very good communicator.

-Mark Lauber, Former President – Lauber Imports, New York and New Jersey

Gordon’s greatest business strengths & skills include: customer relations, listening, experience, industry knowledge. Gordon has always maintained a positive and proactive approach in our business dealings.

-Kevin Borrosso, Commercial Vice President – Carisam-Samuel Meisel, Miami, Florida

It is our experience in the wine industry that the most significant impediment to good business is a lack of clear and frequent communication. In this area particularly, Gordon has excelled.

-Colin Halpern, Partner – Halpern Enterprises, Ontario, Canada

Our experiences with Gordon of Palmateer Wine Group have been game changing for us. We utilized his services at the point at which we were ready to grow our imported brand in the U.S. market from a direct to consumer (no distribution) to a nationally distributed brand. Gordon worked with us to assess our marketing, sales and operational position and develop a strategic plan which he helped us execute against. With his vast network of industry executives, and personal introductions, we were able to negotiate and secure distribution in 32 markets in 9 months. We had an innovative platform and unique selling position but successful partnerships in so many markets in that amount of time would have been impossible without Gordon’s expertise and connections. Within the first year we were able to secure national programs with 2 major retail chains as a result. I highly recommend Gordon’s consulting for any wine company seeking to break into the US market or to improve existing distribution management and sales strategy.

-Robin McBride, Co-founder – Wines

Gordon is a well-respected, highly connected wine and spirits business professional. His consulting expertise and recommendations are straight forward and well thought out. I would highly recommend Gordon to any company looking to expand their distribution footprint in the US market and beyond.

-Doug Defferari, USA Regional Business Development Manager – Ara Wines of New Zealand

Palmateer Wine Group helped us promote the wines from our region in a national program. Gordon and his team were organized and clearly communicated the progress of our project. I was very happy with the end results and feel our objective of educating buyers about our wines was accomplished.

-Marc Bourreli, President – DIVA California, Livermore, California

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