National Sales

Mission Statement

To respectfully and skillfully help artisanal, family-owned wineries navigate and increase their presence in an increasingly complex market throughout the United States.

Points of Differentiation

Palmateer Wine Group represents a distinguished portfolio of artisanal, family-owned authentic brands. Each brand is selected for the high quality and the value proposition of its wines.

Palmateer Wine Group greatly respects the commitment and passion of our producers and strive to do them justice by increasing their sales and visibility in the complex U.S. market.

Palmateer Wine Group’s team consists of a small group of highly motivated, senior-level sales managers strategically located throughout the Unites States averaging 25 years of selling wine and building brands in the U.S.

Palmateer Wine Group uses its deep experience and extensive network with distributors and trade accounts to increase a winery’s presence throughout the U.S. market. Having first-hand experience in all three tiers of the US distribution system, we know there is still work to be done after a sale is made. Palmateer Wine Group’s sales team fosters and maintains successful, collaborative relationships with buyers by working with them in the market, keeping them focused on our brands and strengthening relationships with key accounts.

Palmateer Wine Group understands that distributors don’t have the time or resources to focus on all the wines they have to sell. We make it our responsibility to create the momentum for the distributor by educating them, working with them in the market and selling with and without them. Once a distributor sees our success, we find they are more likely to give our wines the attention that continues the sales momentum.

Palmateer Wine Group maintains a small portfolio to keep focused on our clients’ goals. We don’t believe one can represent a lot of brand and adequately support each client’s objectives.

Palmateer Wine Group’s team is collaborative and transparent with our clients. We hold regular calls with our clients to discuss market activity and to make sure we are all on track.

Palmateer Wine Group also is an expert in managing the complexities of importation and compliance.



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