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Palmateer Wine Group uses its deep experience and extensive network with distributors and trade accounts to increase a winery’s presence throughout the U.S. market. With first-hand experience in all three tiers of the U.S. distribution system, we know there is still hard work to be done after a sale is made.

Palmateer Wine Group’s sales team is a small group of highly motivated, senior-level sales managers with an average 25 years of selling wine and building brands in the U.S. Our team maintains successful, collaborative relationships with buyers, working with them in the market, keeping them focused on our brands and strengthening those partnerships.

Palmateer Wine Group understands that distributors don’t have the time or resources to focus on all the wines they have to sell. It’s our job create momentum for the distributor by educating them, working with them in the market and selling with and without them. Once a distributor sees our success, we find they are more likely to give our wines the attention that continues the sales momentum.

Palmateer Wine Group’s team is collaborative and transparent with our clients. We hold regular meetings with each of them to discuss market activity and to make sure we are all on track.

Palmateer Wine Group also is an expert in managing the complexities of importation and compliance.



Gordon has a reputation as a highly innovative and strategic thinker with a comprehensive understanding of the wine business and extensive industry connections. His vast experience allows him to understand both trade and consumer marketing, develop strategic marketing programs for new and established brands, move seamlessly between international and domestic markets, and guide foreign companies into the American marketplace. This knowledge also provides him the rare ability to help clients adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. He is a results-oriented, accomplished professional with a proven track record for senior winery management and marketing premium wines.

Over the last 25 years, Gordon has held senior management roles at some of the top companies in the wine industry—both suppliers and distributors—including: Director of Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, and Hospitality of Jordan Vineyard & Winery; National Sales Director of Maisons Marques & Domaines, USA; Wine Director of Milton S. Kronheim Co. (aka R.N.D.C.), Washington, D.C.; and Regional Manager of The Seagram Classics Wine Company.

Gordon holds a Master in Business Administration and completed the Executive Wine Program at University of California, Davis.



Tatyana develops and oversees the execution of marketing programs and helps clients navigate the complexities of compliance. She has extensive experience providing marketing strategy and support to wineries and consumer packaged goods companies. She has held marketing roles at Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery and Cline Cellars and has developed promotional programs for clients such as Levi Strauss and Walt Disney Records.

Tatyana holds a Master in Business Administration and completed the O.I.V. Wine Marketing Program at University of California, Davis.

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