Representing authentic, family-owned brands

Palmateer Wine Group matches the passion of our clients by increasing their sales and visibility in the complex U.S. market. We select each brand based on the high quality and value proposition of its wines, and we maintain a small portfolio of clients in order to stay focused on their goals.

Palmateer Wine Group is lead by Gordon Palmateer. Gordon is in the 3rd generation of his family in the wine industry. His grandfather was one of the first wine and liquor retailers in Washington DC at the end of US Prohibition in 1933. Gordon’s father was an importer who represented (at that time) small, less known brands such as Fetzer, Far Niente, Kistler, Niel Empson, and Champagne Roderer in the 1970s and early 1980s. Gordon’s father was proud of the many relationships that he had and the families that he represented. Today, Gordon carries on the traditions of strong relationships with a small portfolio of authentic family owned brands.

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